About us

To win high-end customers with high-end products

Ebara Densan (Qingdao) Ltd. Technology Co.,  was founded in 2006, which was a 100% subsidiary of the Ebara Corporation (Established in Japan in 1912) in Qingdao. It is located in Qingda Industry Park in Chengyang District, Qingdao, with a coverage area of 11000 square meters and building area of 5000 square meters, and it has 208 employees currently.


Our company focuses our business on the design and manufacturing of intelligent electrical control panels, integration of electrical automatic control systems, intelligent manufacturing and industrial IoT related products and services. It is also devoted to provide full-on solution and services of automation and intelligence for the industries of China which is rapidly growing, and propel its domestic manufacturing industries to a higher level in intelligence, delicacy and quality.

Products and Services

Taking “becoming the representative of the highest level in the automatic control equipment and system integration industry” as the company vision, Ebara Densan (Qingdao) Technology Co,. Ltd.provides a broad spectrum of products ranging from intelligent controller to electrical automatic panel, industry IoT platform and the total solutions of equipment and automatic system in environment protection and manufacturing areas, and intends to create value to our customers by customized, platformized products and services enabled by advanced technologies and with high quality.

Industry IoT

In the age of 5G, our company targets the industrial application scenarios of IoT to push the networked and intelligent upgrade of manufacturing industries, where we develop new generic IoT platform and intelligent controllers for various industrial devices, and leverage IoT, big data and AI technologies to merge and connect devices with onsite management in an intelligent way and ultimately ensure that intelligent factory and unmannedfactory become a reality.


Ebara Densan (Qingdao) Technology Co,. Ltd. hopes to co-operate with all the customers and partner companies to grow altogether and create better business performance.